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Q. I did not receive an activation email so I canít log in to the website?
A. Please email using the email address and username you registered to the website with and we will manually activate your account for you.

Q. Someone is taking credit for my artwork on your website which they did not create, can you stop this?
A. Please email and supply us with the link to the image. We can then take the necessary action.

Q. Why are my images still awaiting approval?
A. We apologise for the delay you have experienced so far. The editors check and approve images as often as possible, for security reasons we obviously can't allow every image posted to go up. This process is sometimes delayed in the evening, over the weekend or bank holidays, as Editor's aren't able to log onto the website as often during their time off.

Q. A member is making aggressive/abusive comments about my work, what can you do to stop this?
A. Please email and send us a link to the comment. We can then take the necessary action.

Q. Why are none of my images rated?
A. Your images will not get a rating until another gallery user comes onto your profile page and gives your image a rating. It may be a good idea for you to leave comments on other users gallery pages saying that you have rated their images and maybe they will come back and rate your images as a favour for rating their images....

Q. How can I delete my account on your website?
A. Please email using the email address you registered to the website with , supply us with your username and we will manually delete your account for you.

Q. An error has appeared while I was browsing the website. Can you fix this?
A. Please email and copy and paste the error that is displayed on your screen into the email so we can fix the error.

Q. I have tried signing up to your forum using my gmail account but it automatically bans my email address, why is this?
A. We had to ban all gmail accounts on the forum, due to the large amount of spam we were receiving from spambots via these mail accounts. Since then the spam on the forum has all but disappeared, so we will not be lifting the ban anytime soon.

If you have another email account you can use, we would recommend trying that.

Q. When I post images and they are rated by others, can I view this in the top rated galleries or in the top rated images? They are not appearing at the moment, why is this?
A. Your images and galleries will show up in the top rated galleries and image sections of the website, as long as they have received more than ten votes or comments.

Q. How can I access the tutorial files once I have downloaded and unzipped the file? I can access the photographs but I am unable to access the text portion of the file.
A. The tutorial files on the website merely supply the assets required to follow the tutorials contained within that issue of the magazine. All the text you require will be in that issue of the magazine.