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Member : Pat Brennan
Picture Name : colour me beautiful

colour me beautiful


Colour me beautiful


Digital painting and scanned textures

Inspiration for this from old movie stars and the beautiful  face of Sophie.


Number of views: 24420
Number of comments: 46 Bronze award for more than 10 comments
Picture rating: 4.96 Gold award for a rating of 4.7 or above
This was voted Editor's Pick of the week on 4th Aug, 08

Number of face-offs: 185
Wins: 55.14%
Runner-up: 12.97%
Draws: 31.89%
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Sandria says:

Pat, this is truly a gorgeous image and shows wonderful imagination, I love your work. 5.

Posted 101 months ago

jason clark says:

wow! this is such a beautiful image you have produced. you have great talent.

Posted 101 months ago

carmaz says:

Amazing piece Pat!

Posted 101 months ago

franmoreno says:

Es apasionante la mezcla de texturas, de colores y de estilos de pintura. !!EXCELLENT!!

Posted 101 months ago

Helen Chierego says:

Beautiful image! Love the colours and paint splats.

Posted 101 months ago

Patrick Belote says:

Beautiful painting. Congradulations on pic of the week.

Posted 101 months ago

Alberto Guillen says:

Stunning art!!

Posted 101 months ago

jobema49 says:

Congratulation on pic of the week. Yes she is beautiful. Well done.

Posted 101 months ago

Moonmomma says:

Wow! Pick of the week again! I'm a lucky old moonmomma. Thank you everyone kind enough to look and leave a message Pat x

Posted 101 months ago

Junk says:

Another stunning work! congrats on the pick of the week, the editor finally got one right!

Posted 101 months ago

Subsonic says:

Nice work!

Posted 101 months ago

PIerre says:

I can only echo the previous comments. A well deserved Picture of the Week.

Posted 101 months ago

kobi says:

Beautiful technique, Pat. Congrats on Pick o the Week!!

Posted 101 months ago

Edith says:

Wow. Wish I could take classes from you

Posted 101 months ago

AnnetteGraves says:

Oh I can see why it was pic of the week. All have said BEAUTIFUL. Just grabs you in. Well done

Posted 101 months ago

Andrew Suryadi says:

thats so beautiful..!!

Posted 101 months ago

LisaWestrope says:

Absolutely Gorgeous! Love the color, the composition and the subject!!!

Posted 101 months ago

Pauline Black says:

Congratulations, I'm not surprised this was voted Editor's's a beauty and well done.

Posted 101 months ago

Stan says:

...well done, and well deserved Pat. Stunning from top to bottom, side to side, and everything between.

Posted 101 months ago

Pip says:

Very very impressive.

Posted 101 months ago

AnneHale says:

Absolutely gorgeous! Perhaps you should see if the magazine will allow you to do a tutorial. I would love to learn.

Posted 101 months ago

hilarie says:

totally stunning! congrats!

Posted 101 months ago

sycen says:

Awesome painting.

Posted 101 months ago

RT says:

Hi Pat, Have been away for two weeks and come back to hundreds of images to view, yours were the ones than jumped out at me when I was scanning through what I'd missed. Absolutely beautiful pieces of work, difficult to pick a favourite.

Posted 101 months ago

Bev Langby says:

Oh like Leslie ive been in and out and nearly missed this its so gorgeous well done

Posted 101 months ago

Jablit says:

oooOOOOOOO do I ever love this. No sense saying anymore. The reaction to the viewer is immediate and a big WOW.

Posted 100 months ago

endofdaze2012 says:


Posted 100 months ago

endofdaze2012 says:


Posted 100 months ago

Maggie Barra says:


Posted 98 months ago

Canadanny says:

most creative, lively and very well done congratulations

Posted 98 months ago

Poetic Lines says:

I can't get over how fantastic this painting is!

Posted 97 months ago

eharel says:


Posted 97 months ago

carylwithay says:

Beautiful colors and creative treatment. Caryl

Posted 94 months ago

Dave oconnell says:

very nice!!!

Posted 89 months ago

FranklinAyers says:

Very beautiful!

Posted 86 months ago

Jose Ramos says:

Wonderful work , i give u 5stars

Posted 83 months ago

MK_girl says:

Amazing it !!

Posted 80 months ago

sheilakeegan says:

WOW! This is stunning....5+++

Posted 75 months ago

anjin3515 says:

I just love this. Love love love

Posted 74 months ago

rockywp3 says:

Very beautiful. wordpress themes web hosting

Posted 70 months ago

Frasy says:

Ein wunderschönes Bild, bin begeistert !!!!

Posted 63 months ago

torina2 says:

This is so beautiful.

Posted 62 months ago

lepar2 says:

This is great painting, excellent job.

Posted 61 months ago

jamieb says:

This is fabulous!

Posted 53 months ago

scarlettmaron says:

My mb background image is that....Love it

Posted 51 months ago

Cherry says:

Simply amazing.

Posted 48 months ago