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Member : jordan dill
Picture Name : whimsy, court of leaves

whimsy, court of leaves

Her name is Whimsy and She is a favorite of the Queen.

She is testimony to the fact that all is not dark and foreboding in the Court of Leaves.


Number of views: 3064
Number of comments: 13 Bronze award for more than 10 comments
Picture rating: 4.62 Silver award for a rating of 4or above
This was voted Editor's Pick of the week on 24th Sep, 07

Number of face-offs: 189
Wins: 22.75%
Runner-up: 26.98%
Draws: 50.26%
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DateYukiie says:


Posted 123 months ago

Cheryl says:

Excellent work, Jordan! She is a rare beauty; the Queen has exceptional taste! :) Cheryl

Posted 123 months ago

LeahSchmaman says:

I love this work. So intense and stormy. Its inspirational. Thank you jordan

Posted 123 months ago

jordan says:

Thank you all! ...Jordan

Posted 123 months ago

ZenR says:

Congratulations Jordan.

Posted 122 months ago

Chelsie says:

Interesting, congratulations.

Posted 122 months ago

hilarie says:

congratulations Jordan! she's lovely! whimsy is a good name, shes light and airey.

Posted 122 months ago

jordan says:

Folks...thank so much! She is a beauty for sure. ...Jordan

Posted 122 months ago

Bev Langby says:

I love the fact that everything is not dark and forboding and i think shes a beauty well done.......

Posted 122 months ago

alvin says:

congrats, Jordan

Posted 122 months ago

kobi says:

Jordan, you've done great work on the Queens steeds.

Posted 122 months ago

sadik says:

it.s relly the most work i love it ...from ur work....

Posted 122 months ago

MICKEY says:


Posted 116 months ago