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Member : Daniel Cox
Picture Name : Victorian Morena

Victorian Morena

loosely based on a photo of actress Morena Baccarin

Number of views: 36963
Number of comments: 42 Bronze award for more than 10 comments
Picture rating: 4.80 Gold award for a rating of 4.7 or above
This was voted Editor's Pick of the week on 19th Mar, 07

Number of face-offs: 210
Wins: 47.62%
Runner-up: 9.52%
Draws: 42.86%
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Quaid2 says:

A really stunning painting, Daniel. This is why I want to get into Painter and I hope it acts as an inspiration for casual painters who find this site and want to see what the software can do.

Posted 129 months ago

Markie says:

Just amazing. This has the romance of a classic pulp novel, with those loose, wide oil strokes that for me evoke the Disney concept art style of 1950s Disneyana. It's obvious you have immense talent (as your job displays) and I think it's great you are displaying your art on here as a beacon for Painter artists. Great, great work, and welcome to the site!

Posted 129 months ago

Meg says:

Beautiful painting Daniel, love the brush work

Posted 129 months ago

revjesse says:

wow - really lovely work!! :D

Posted 129 months ago

susi Lawson says:

I love the old illustrative style of painting and you have this down!

Posted 129 months ago

Jablit says:

This is a beautifully painted portrait. Love the style, color and how you manually vignetted it.

Posted 129 months ago

hilarie says:

I love your style!

Posted 129 months ago

yasincoskun says:

Beautiful painting. Cool stuff!

Posted 129 months ago

KenLaPlante says:

Hi Daniel, Wonderful painterly feel, It looks like it came right off a traditional brush. Great job.

Posted 128 months ago

Artylike says:

You really have a nice style good painting

Posted 128 months ago

qursany says:


Posted 127 months ago

Chelsie says:

This is beautiful! I thought I commented on this one long ago, guess not... I love it.

Posted 127 months ago

Chavarin says:

Looks like Sofia Loren in the 60's I like very much congratulations

Posted 126 months ago

kobi says:

I loved seeing the character development process of this image in Issue 4. It's, of course, a "5" as well.

Posted 125 months ago

DateYukiie says:

I just cannot think of enought nice things to say about this painting - Very Nice!

Posted 125 months ago

jean says:

Beautiful, so soft and romantic

Posted 125 months ago

paulypaul says:

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Posted 125 months ago

taz says:

I love this painting Daniel, everything about it is spot on it's awesome l

Posted 123 months ago

imran says:

great art wish i could have this form of strokes like u did it is awesome

Posted 123 months ago

Stan says:

..I love this image. Totatl victorian palette colors. Nothing short of perfection on subtle and broad brush strokes, and the choice of a slight angle profile is the clincher. 5!, 5 stars, two thumbs up, etc.

Posted 122 months ago

Alberto Guillen says:

Perfect! I love to look at it and enjoy your brush work.

Posted 119 months ago

Subsonic says:

Very beautiful work!

Posted 114 months ago

Pip says:

Beautiful painting of a beautiful woman. Love it.

Posted 112 months ago

AnnetteGraves says:

Love ethe whole look. Well done

Posted 111 months ago

Nakatoni says:

Beautiful painting, loose brushstrokes create so light atmosphere. I love the color scheme and this sort of unfinished look. Well done!

Posted 110 months ago

Ronan Rezende says:

Bravo! Thatīs the work! 5 for sure.

Posted 110 months ago

PStewart says:

Divine carelessness... you make it look easy but, as we know, it is impossible for most of us! You are well-suited to your understatement?

Posted 108 months ago

Alehna says:

Very nice work!!!!!

Posted 107 months ago

carylwithay says:

Nice painting. I LOVE that hat and how you painted it. 5 Caryl

Posted 99 months ago

denissmyth says:

I would be happy to buy this to put on my wall, I love it. 5 Stars is not enough for this.

Posted 97 months ago

Cellesria says:

Such a gorgeous image :)

Posted 96 months ago

ajolicbox says:


Posted 95 months ago

MuratBERKOZ says:

perfect image.beautiful painting Daniel. 5

Posted 77 months ago

tonyta says:

Excellent! Well done.

Posted 77 months ago

melisa2 says:


Posted 76 months ago

antonio2 says:

Like it!

Posted 75 months ago

antonio23 says:

Excellent work. Well done.

Posted 75 months ago

sandra2 says:

Oooo yes, I like this very much

Posted 73 months ago

torina2 says:

Great painting, like it!

Posted 72 months ago

kokina2 says:

You did a wonderful painting. Well done!

Posted 71 months ago

kok says:

I like it! Great work!

Posted 71 months ago

PatricRozario says:

NICE. real Nice

Posted 62 months ago